My name is Alton Parker, I'm a life-long Chicagoan born and raised, I'm also a professional

photographer and owner of Alton Parker Photography based here in the Windy City. My

areas of expertise are in the areas of portraiture and nature, but I'm widely known among

my peers for my​ urban landscape photographs. The city of Chicago ​serves as the perfect

metropolis for documenting the pulse of Downtown/Urban America that remains a favorite​

source of inspiration for me as a

life-long city-dweller. Photography

has been a staple in my family for 

generations and was mostly used

to document the origins and history

of my family's roots that dates as

far back as the start of the 20th

Century. Photography was never 

recognized (personally) as a true art 

until the age of 12 during a family

 trip to New York City. A visit to high atop the Empire State Building was where I shot my very 

first urban landscape picture with my mom's old Kodak insta-matic camera. The rest was history. 

Over the years, I've heard certain people in various social forums refer to urban and rural landscape

photography as a "quiet" and "contemplative" art. For me, it's a total adrenaline rush! I love challenging the

ever-changing sources of natural light while out in the field. Often times I'll find myself shooting

 in a sort-of mindless state where I focus on the technical perspectives of when I'm shooting rather than

what I'm shooting. 

I love to incorporate traditional elements of landscape photography with variations of unique colors and tones 
so that they don’t appear as ordinary as other photographer’s work. Photography is about maintaining levels

of consistency between light and detail, and while the technical aspects of shooting are as equally important 
to me, these strong-willed forms of determination and 
tenacity are traits that have benefited me time and time
again capturing of those "decisive moments"over the


Recently, I've developed great interests in photographing 
our city's neighborhoods and it's people to correlate the 
dignity and character of the human spirit of all it's citizens 
that is (seemingly) too often ignored. My most-recent 

photo shoot of historic Bronzeville on the south side 

serves as a reminder that the towering skyscrapers and big businesses in the Loop are the heart and soul of the city, 

but never the backbone. I've also validated the city's long timereputation of being the "railroad capital of the world".

A most recent shoot of an area north of Chinatown known as "Conley's Patch" was no exception.

What was once a bustling railroad yard where tons of freight and livestock were transported throughout the city

and the rest of the country many-many decades ago is now a desolate partial of prime real estate in much

need of major planning and urban renewal.

​Documenting the city's famous sports landmarks were high priority as well. No other city loves it's sports

than Chicago. Photographs taken at both Wrigley and Guaranteed Rate Field (Comisky Park) become

 perfect color compositions to reflect the spirit of both the Cubs and White Sox in a polarized city that

can never see eye-to-eye in the game of baseball. All-in-all, my primary goals as an urban landscape

photographer are to promote and inspire the positive sides of city life and to highlight the warmth

and feelings of the urban pulse for all to enjoy, in every

neighborhood, on each side of town, and every corner

across the globe! Chicago's diversity in culture, both in

terms of ethnicity and artistic aesthetics reflects the

strong faceted roots from which this great city evolved.

I'm thankful to have benefited greatly from the many

people who have taken great interest in what I've done

over the years. I'm especially thankful for the 

technological advances and world wide appeal of the

internet to present my photographic work for the whole

world to see. Patience along with continued practice, hard work, and determination has brought me this far.

I've been very fortunate to have sold several pieces of my art over the years and I'm blessed to have attained

the requirements of delivering great service to those who have interest in my work. Much more work is needed to remain competitive, but always striving for perfection. I've always maintained a modest approach with what I enjoy doing the most, thus I’m a firm believer of the Christian parable that suggests "To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required".

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